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Curia Thermals

Situated in the heart of the Bairrada wine region and born as a result of the properties of its waters discovered by the Romans during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Curia proposes you an awakening to the true senses of life:

Go back in time to the nostalgic golden 20's and enjoy the "Belle Époque" and "Arte Nouveu" architecture, enjoy the gigantic trees, pure scented air, go for a walk in the beautiful gardens and leafy park of the Spa. Or, set for a walk through the picturesque vineyard paths. But, above all, feel the rare pleasure of living a sense of freedom and space where the only limits are the immensity of the green color from the trees and the infinite blue sky.

Map of Curia

Curia is a beautiful place with dominant features such as water, flowers and trees, that fill parks, avenues and have streets named after them.

The Spa
Thermals Park
Tennis Courts
Shopping Centre
Tourist Office
Railway Station
9 Hole golf Course
Grande Hotel da Curia

Curia is a beautiful place with dominant features such as water, flowers and trees, that fill parks, avenues and have streets named after them. In Curia there is the famous Spa with its hotel, magnificent park and lake. Beside the Park there is the Grande Hotel da Curia and the Curia Palace with its magnificent garden. At the end of Avenida dos Plátanos, by the beautiful railway station, is the Picnic Park, where some of the popular festivities that liven-up Curia take place.

Roughly 3 Km from Anadia and 5 Km from Mealhada, Curia is located at the very heart of the Bairrada region . It's the ideal starting point to visit Bairrada and neighbouring places. From Curia you can, for example, visit the vineyards and wine cellars. Food wise, don't forget to try out all the delicious regional dishes in one of the many fine existing restaurants.


Curia Park


Curia owes it existence to the healing properties of its famous mineral waters. As way back as the Roman times the quality of its water was known, and for them Curia was Aquae Curiva – the healing water.

Today, the Curia waters are still famous, but Curia is now a modern health resort that offers an sophisticated array of specialized treatments against diseases like: renal, uric, oxalic and phosphatic lithiasis, urinary infections, cystitis, pyelitis, gout, arterial hypertension, rheumatism and muscular-skeletal illnesses. In the treatments are used techniques such as: oral water ingestion, bathing (with underwater douche or air-bubble), douches (jet or shower), circular and lumbar, automatic hydromassage, sauna, swimming-pool for rehabilitation, gymnasium with mechanotherapy, massage, electrotherapy (traction, ultrasonic vibrations, short wave and microwave treatments, ultra-violet and infra-red rays, diadynamic currents, etc).

And adding to the healing properties of the mineral waters there is also the calm, resting environment of Curia. Its beautiful park is a place that offers you the opportunity to take long relaxing walks through the avenues with luxurious vegetation and centenary trees that surround the lake. You can also rent a boat or pedal boat.

Albano Coutinho Fountain

Curia Park


The Bairrada gastronomy is one of the country's most famous. The "Leitão à Bairrada" or Suckling-pig and the "Chanfana" are just two of the most known and appreciated dishes.
Leitão à bairrada - The secret of its fame is all about the knowledge and art of the region's "assadores" (cooks); in the choice of the animal (age, size and feeding), in the slaughter, the preparations and flavoring: pork fat, garlic, pepper and salt, and in the furnace. It takes between 1h30 to 2 hours to cook and ends up with a dark golden look and crackling skin. You can eat it hot, warm or cold, with potato chips or boiled potatoes, orange slices and lettuce. To drink, choose a good Bairrada sparkling wine.
Cabidela - Another typical dish. It's prepared with small chopped pieces of the suckling-pig's heart, lungs and liver, blood and potatoes. It's flavored with "molho de leitão" (suckling-pig sauce), pork fat, salt, olive oil, onion, red wine and water
Negalhos - Negalhos look like small meat balls and are made from little chunks of goat or pork meat inside pieces of goat belly.
Chanfana à Bairrada - Served at special occasions; weddings, christenings and religious festivities. It can be made from goat or sheep meat and is cooked in a wooden oven for 4 to 5 hours inside special black clay casseroles.




Festa das Vindimas

Festa das Vindimas - September - invoking the ancient grape harvesting techniques. Members of Folk groups dressed with traditional costumes enact the old traditions, dance and sing popular folk songs. Brass Bands play traditional music themes. A colorfulparade travels through the streets of Curia.
Festa do Leitão e do Espumante - August - when our emigrants come back for the holidays and visit their families. It's also during the month of August that Curia has a higher number of visitors. At this event you will find many of the most renowned "assadores de leitão" and the not less famous sparkling wines from the many wine cellars of Anadia.
Festa da Juventude - July in Vale da Bica - Curia. Youth party. During three summer nights there is music, dancing and samba.
Festa da Ascenção - Traditional and religious party held in Vale da Bica - Curia. It's on a local public holiday.


Grande Hotel da Curia****
The 4 star Grande Hotel da Curia and Spa is situated in an area traditionally famous for its thermal springs. It is surrounded by the lush greenery characteristic of the region. Its romantic atmosphere is reminiscent of the early days of the XIX century and its old-world elegance of both architecture and philosophy of life bear witness to a style of living nowadays rarely seen. Guests have access to the Curia Golf course, a 9 hole course, and its Spa and health centre facilities.

Grand Hotel of Curia
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